Thursday, March 31, 2011


A soon as I went up the steps people were talking which sounded like an echo. When I was at the top of the steps I was so cold. When I saw people going down the slide I couldn't wait until it was my turn to go on the slide.
When it was my turn to go on the slide I was so happy. I felt like I was in a rocket. It was so cool going down the slide. I went down at the same time the light went green, I was speeding down the slide.

When I went down the slide I was so happy. I was tossing and turning and water was zooming down the slide. When it was my turn again, I was so cool. I was so happy, so very happy, I was dancing up there.

Were you having fun too?.

Monday, March 28, 2011

School Picnic

On Friday 25 Pt England School had lots of fun. It was the picnic day. First we went to the hall so we knew what to do before we left.

Next we went to the beach we sat on the grass and I saw the blue sea. When it was play time we went down the sea to play with the clay and play with the sand and dip our feet into the water. There were some things in the water. They were crabs.
When it was team four's time to go in the water I had lots of fun playing in the water. When it was time to get out we went to the bathroom with the other girls. I got changed.
I ate all my lunch. Yummm lunch. I was happy.
I played the rest of the games that were on the grass then it was time to go back to school. But first it was time to go on the grass to know who's here. It was time to go back to school. I said, "I cant wait to go back to class. When we got home I said to myself, "Home sweet home."

Friday, March 25, 2011


In the Hoildays I had Lots of fun up North we went up there for fun what cause we went up North to go out for Hoilday we had lots of fun With my hoil family for this year who can no what happed in the Hoilday A good day today for me .