Monday, September 22, 2014

Term 3 Reflection

Term 3 “is almost over”. We have made it to the last week of school “HARRAY”

This term we have done a lot of surprising things.

Like the New Zealand first woman manager of Samsung had visited us. We had to perform our school song called ‘Pƍwhiri mai’. She was really impressed with the performance. Our year 6 ambassadors group presented her a presentation on how it like to be at our school striving to succeed. For an example from year 4’s to year 8’s we use netbook and chromebook devices instead of books. Two Junior class use ipads. They’re really lucky.

We had a lot of kiwi sport and AFL also this term. Some of our students entered music competitions. Some of us went to this amazing museum in the city that had and animations show from people from all over the world making really cool animations.

There were a lot of netball players and rugby players going to compete in competition. Our senior rugby boys have made it in the Eastern zone tournament. We had cross country which is a running event held every once a year at our school.

We had the Harold caravan come to our school for 2 whole weeks. We had been learning about the right things to put in our bodies. It was an alright experience.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country

All that cross country training is over YES!!

Cross country is a running event held once a year at Pt England school. From year one’s to year’ eight’s. The school principal Russell Burt says his Korero and the karakia to start the day and then hands it over to the  house captain to say their chants. There are also points for the loudest house. Te Arawa (RED),Tainui (BLUE, Matatua (GREEN) and Takitimu (YELLOW). At Assembly they announce the winning House and all students from the winning House gets a prize.

At the start of the race the runners racing have to stand behind the starting line. “READY SET” Mr Burt says and claps the clappers which means go. Thatss when the runners run.   

We all run in age order meaning 5 years old girls, 5 years old boys and on and on. The organiser Miss Vaafusuaga who organises the cross country. Mrs Flavelle, Mrs Sorenson and Mrs Slade are the sick bay teachers.

At the end of the day we are tired and relieved at the same time. Tired and exhausted from a hot running day. And relief cause it over

Friday, September 12, 2014

Film Festival
-Class 2 film festival planning

During the weekend our teacher Miss had come out with a good Idea  for the Manakalani film festival. The Idea was a couple of students will be seated on a couch watching TV. We will be actor all the channels that they are watching.  Part of the movie is showing that our whole class is all envouled.

Our teacher gave me my friends to do 20 second MTV, So we had made a pretty quick dance to the song bubblegum copying another crew choreography. It was quick moves we had rehearsal for over 2 hours. We were one of the first groups done and finished. We had to figure out what type of clothes we are wearing to film the movie we dersiced to wear swag clothes to a swag dance.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Band plastic bags:
To: Prime Minister John Key

Prime Minister-John Key,

I am writing this letter to say that our country should ban plastic bags completely. Why?

As you should know over 30 countries have already banned plastic bags for good. This is because they have been damaging our land and sea-creatures. New Zealand supermarkets have sold over 1 billion plastics bags a year. I have a feeling that half of that amount of plastic bags have been littered.

I have watched on the news that sea creatures and birds have died because of plastic bags and plastic rubbish in the ocean. Sea creatures see plastic bags sinking down in the water thinking it is a jellyfish or some other sea creature and begin to eat it. It is real sad because they end up choking on it and they die.

I  sometimes drive by places with my Mum and see plastic bags flying across from place to place, on trees, seas, rivers, and roads. Please do something about this problem.

Yours sincerely

Monday, September 1, 2014

Writing an argument (should children exercise every day?)

Children should do exercise everyday because it is really important it can stop you from having Diabetes or cancer. Exercise is good for you cause it can help with your body health and you self control.

Here is a reason why exercising every day is good for you. Um It keeps you awake you won’t be a tired lazy child. It can help you to stay motivated you have a lot of energy be energetic. It helps you take your mind of things like boy trouble or girl trouble or problems. Exercising can achieve all your sports goals. All your goals it can prepare you of sports days, Athletics, Cross country. For and example: A boxer wants to become a pro boxer. So his goal is to be a champion boxer in the world or the galaxy and to do that he has to work out, Exercise it helps him and not only that is achieves his goal if he trying really hard for it.

Another reason doing exercise everyday is good because it gives you good and strong muscles. You be a good healthy athletic and you will be a good looking person like me (joke). Nah it can help by building your confidence it can help you from staying out of trouble lets be for real right now but it can help you defend yourself from bad people.

Exercise Is good for you and your health, Exercise makes your body healthy and fit. Being fit is just meaning, for you to look good fit in your nice clothes and maybe the clothes you are into.