Monday, September 1, 2014

Writing an argument (should children exercise every day?)

Children should do exercise everyday because it is really important it can stop you from having Diabetes or cancer. Exercise is good for you cause it can help with your body health and you self control.

Here is a reason why exercising every day is good for you. Um It keeps you awake you won’t be a tired lazy child. It can help you to stay motivated you have a lot of energy be energetic. It helps you take your mind of things like boy trouble or girl trouble or problems. Exercising can achieve all your sports goals. All your goals it can prepare you of sports days, Athletics, Cross country. For and example: A boxer wants to become a pro boxer. So his goal is to be a champion boxer in the world or the galaxy and to do that he has to work out, Exercise it helps him and not only that is achieves his goal if he trying really hard for it.

Another reason doing exercise everyday is good because it gives you good and strong muscles. You be a good healthy athletic and you will be a good looking person like me (joke). Nah it can help by building your confidence it can help you from staying out of trouble lets be for real right now but it can help you defend yourself from bad people.

Exercise Is good for you and your health, Exercise makes your body healthy and fit. Being fit is just meaning, for you to look good fit in your nice clothes and maybe the clothes you are into.

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  1. Hello Martha,
    I think you have a very good argument saying that cildren should exercise everyday. You made great points by saying that "it is good for you" and "it keeps you awake". I have found this to be very true in my own life. I wake up every morning before I go to class and run a mile around my neighborhood. On days that I do get up and run I have more energy, and days that I do not, I seem to be more tired. Exercise is good for many things and can even help prevent you from getting sick! Do you think there might be any reasons why someone should not exercise?