Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future Aspirations
1)Anthony Samuel  -  TV Entertainer
2)Paula Fakalata  - Attitude Presenter
3)Amelia Unfe  - Fashion Designer

Anthony Samuel who was a TV actor on a kid show called What Now, who owns 3 companies and a father to 4 kids. Anthony Samuel was one of the presentation for the future aspirations. He 2 key things 1 was Phrase and 2 Key. His Phrase was To Minahal hoki which means you are awesome. It is a saying to people you see that would inspire and if you don’t believe here is the key to open the positive things. The past dose not determine your future. He told us a couple of stories on how was on the shows the picture shown were amazing.

Paula Fakalata who works with Attitude who helps people out there try hard on their dreams keep dreaming finding your passion.

Amelia Unfe a Auckland University student and who a dream who want to have her own fashion logo. I wish her good luck to achieve that.