Friday, August 22, 2014

Explain Why taking care of your mind and body is so important?

“The questions is explain why taking care of your mind and body is so important, Kacey who is a teacher at france school”Said Lueanna the news reporter.”Why umm taking care of our mind and body is so important because it is needed to protected our lives it is part of who we are. Our body our mind is part of who we are. Breaking our body parts can concerned great injures. It is important to be a health person if you want to grow old ” Kacey had replied. “Ok great answer kacey ok why do you think taking care of your body is so important, Joshua” Said Lueanna.

“Well I think Kacey is right um we also have to be thinking on what is the right things to take. I see a lot of  young teenagers  getting kicked out of homes because they have being taking drugs and alcohol. I am helping a 20 year old man who wants to change his life around. He was out of jail for selling drugs. He came up to me a said “Hey doctor um i’m having trouble in my life I like to change can you help me”.

He was a yougen health happy boy to a disappointing teenager to something who wants to change it life. He is still young well standing by me he is”(everyone began to laugh)”. But he is trying really hard. “Well Joshua your are well health doctor what is some good advice on stopping people from taking to wrong thing” Said Lueanna. “Umm I think it people who starts in colleges and high school is when things get stuff up.

I think it by picking the right friends, Supported friends and if someone is asking you to smoke this or take this. Your reply is no or if your type of person who can’t say no like me. Um make a ascues like o my brother here bye. “So you hear that guys this is 1 news and good bye good night.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Ed Expressions:

Start here:
The life ed caravan has been in our school for 4 week now. Len who works in the life ed caravan had taught us the consequences of drugs and alcohol. Not putting Rubbish in our bodies Te nana. What are illegal drugs and the legal drugs in the country. We had watch a dvd of some teenager that made wrong decisions in there life and it all started with the same thing. In high school they said that they put a goal becoming a teacher a sport athletic. But when they got to high school people there treated them different it was hard for them to make new friends.

All of a sudden they made friends but the wrong friends they went parties smoking and all that, all because they wanted to fit in be the cool kids but they weren’t. A guy the name of james was a fast runner. He didn’t make any friends someone come up to him and said we having a party want to come.He went thinking it wouldn’t 1 beer it all good.He had died drinking Vodka a whole bottle of it he was being a clown and his friends thought let give him more beers because they thought the more beers more funnie he gets. His friends thought he was sleeping but when they check on him the next morning they found him dead.

So yeah, Lean was teaching us a lot of what to take what not to take what safe and what not. We all learn a lot thanks for that I am gonna stop thing before I do  things.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Your task is to research a Commonwealth Country. Your writing needs to include the following information:

located in Oceania
Maori/European/Pacific/Asian/Indian etc
Rugby and netball
Flag: blue, white, red - Union Jack in one corner, 4 stars of the Southern Cross
Rugby sevens, cycling, netball, boxing etc

* Location: Which continent is the country a part of?
Americas north american
* Population: How many people live in that country?
2.712 million people
* Capital city?
* Culture and language (is there just one type or are there many?)
Jamaica Englishes
* Popular sport?
Running, Cricket, Netball, Rugby
* Flag
The colours on the flag is green yellow black. The x lines are green then there is 2 triangles that are yellow and 2 triangles that are black.
* Teams competing in the Commonwealth Games
Usain bolts, Atkinson, St Lucia,

You need to think about proofreading and editing your writing so that it makes sense.
Use paragraphs to link your ideas.
Check your spelling.
Have you used interesting and complex vocab/words?
Create a QR code to link your writing to further information about that particular country.

Start here:
Jamaica location is an island country, located in the caribbean sea. Which has 6 cities in Jamaica, called Savanna La Mar, Four Paths, Montego Bay, Hayes, Rio Bueno and Kingston. There is 2.712 million people living in Jamaica the capital city of Jamaica is Kingston.

Jamaica is a home for some of the fastest men on the planet. For example, Usain Bolt is known as the fastest person that’s a fact. Jamaica is a country competing in the Commonwealth Games.

Jamaica’s flag has 3 colours green, yellow and black. There is a big yellow X shape on the flag.There are 2 black triangles on the sides and 2 green triangles on the top and bottom. The colours mean something. The colour black represents the strength and creativity of the people. Yellow is for the golden sunshine and green is for the lush vegetation of the island.

Jamaica has entered 3 sports in the commonwealth games. Sprinting, Netball and weight lifting. In jamaica they play a lot of Cricket, Rugby, netball and of cause do a lot of spriting.

Science experiment:

Question: What will happen to the sound if I cut the straw shorter and blow through it?
It will probably make a higher sound.

Links to research about Sound:

Hypothesis: (What do you think will happen?) e.g. I think that….
It will make a higher sound the more you cut it.

Materials needed:
Straw and Scissors

Experiment (procedure):
e.g. Step 1 - Get your Equipment

Step 2 - Cut the straw into triangles down below

Step 3 - Cut it between 2 or 3 cm

Step 4 - Blow into it

Step 5 - And found out what kind of sound it makes

Data (What happened?)
Straw Length:       Results:
Long:15cm            (When I blew into it is had a high kind of sound)
Shorter:10cm        ( When I blew into it this time is had a higher sound)
Shorter: 5cm         (I blew into it sound like a party whistle you get in goodie bags)
Shorter: 2cm         (When I blew into it got split in half)

Blowing into the straw that our class experience. It makes a type of sound like a party popper. The shorter I have cut the straw into triangles the higher the tone of sound it makes. It makes me laugh sometimes when I blew into it. Like Effect fail.


It was a great thing we had try out. We learn a lot from that it is gives me great Ideas about sounds.