Thursday, September 4, 2014

Band plastic bags:
To: Prime Minister John Key

Prime Minister-John Key,

I am writing this letter to say that our country should ban plastic bags completely. Why?

As you should know over 30 countries have already banned plastic bags for good. This is because they have been damaging our land and sea-creatures. New Zealand supermarkets have sold over 1 billion plastics bags a year. I have a feeling that half of that amount of plastic bags have been littered.

I have watched on the news that sea creatures and birds have died because of plastic bags and plastic rubbish in the ocean. Sea creatures see plastic bags sinking down in the water thinking it is a jellyfish or some other sea creature and begin to eat it. It is real sad because they end up choking on it and they die.

I  sometimes drive by places with my Mum and see plastic bags flying across from place to place, on trees, seas, rivers, and roads. Please do something about this problem.

Yours sincerely

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