Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country

All that cross country training is over YES!!

Cross country is a running event held once a year at Pt England school. From year one’s to year’ eight’s. The school principal Russell Burt says his Korero and the karakia to start the day and then hands it over to the  house captain to say their chants. There are also points for the loudest house. Te Arawa (RED),Tainui (BLUE, Matatua (GREEN) and Takitimu (YELLOW). At Assembly they announce the winning House and all students from the winning House gets a prize.

At the start of the race the runners racing have to stand behind the starting line. “READY SET” Mr Burt says and claps the clappers which means go. Thatss when the runners run.   

We all run in age order meaning 5 years old girls, 5 years old boys and on and on. The organiser Miss Vaafusuaga who organises the cross country. Mrs Flavelle, Mrs Sorenson and Mrs Slade are the sick bay teachers.

At the end of the day we are tired and relieved at the same time. Tired and exhausted from a hot running day. And relief cause it over

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