Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immersion Assembly “Game On”

It was our first day of school term 3 2014. We walk into class and notices something odd in class. There's always something odd every term in our class. It was what our topic was about  there was pictures of sport athletes countries there was a sign above all of that that said Game on. Of cause that had something to do with our new topic.

We called the roll and went to the school hall for Immersion Assembly. A couple of teachers were wearing costumes. Mr Burt wasn’t there he was still in London. So Mr J took his place we saw Mr J video clip that he was taking when he went off to watch the bike race. He recorded this guy which he had to Jump on his bike and land back down which he succeed. Then this other guy was on a BMX bike he was a tall guy riding on a small BMX. He said that he was gonna do the jump but add a 360 in it. So he was riding riding did the jump did the 360 but the handle bars came off and he failed the land and the wheel came off the bike.

Team 1 video I thought was funny. There was different type of countries Entering to the Commonwealth games. Miss Gorge was pretending to be Queen Elizabeth. Teacher we laughing at thing I didn’t get.

It was time for team 2 video we got to watch they were acting other new zealanders athletes. It was amazing they were dressed in netball clothes.You can really tell that they use the green screen. Some of there parts in the video was funny. Plus we got our old teacher back at our school. There video was really similar to team 1. Instead of Miss Gorge acting as queen it was Miss Jarman.

It was time for team 3 they were acting this time. On stage about skaters performing with ribbons and hula hoop and a ball. It was cool why we were watching it the team 3 teachers were trying to doing all those tricks. That we were watching. But they did not succeed well some of them. It was really Hilarious.

It was team 4 video we watch it was the same as team 1 and 2. But Mr S was acting as the crowd instead up the queen. I’ve noticed that it was pretty much comedy video clips. Cheering, why the other teachers were warming up for the race but it was about who can make a picture or something made with Potato. 1 made a mountain another made a flower, mash potato.

It was time for teams 5 video clip and they were video clips of them in different countries. They went to Spain, New York, Samoa. And showing us what type of sport other countries play.

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