Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Ed Expressions:

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The life ed caravan has been in our school for 4 week now. Len who works in the life ed caravan had taught us the consequences of drugs and alcohol. Not putting Rubbish in our bodies Te nana. What are illegal drugs and the legal drugs in the country. We had watch a dvd of some teenager that made wrong decisions in there life and it all started with the same thing. In high school they said that they put a goal becoming a teacher a sport athletic. But when they got to high school people there treated them different it was hard for them to make new friends.

All of a sudden they made friends but the wrong friends they went parties smoking and all that, all because they wanted to fit in be the cool kids but they weren’t. A guy the name of james was a fast runner. He didn’t make any friends someone come up to him and said we having a party want to come.He went thinking it wouldn’t 1 beer it all good.He had died drinking Vodka a whole bottle of it he was being a clown and his friends thought let give him more beers because they thought the more beers more funnie he gets. His friends thought he was sleeping but when they check on him the next morning they found him dead.

So yeah, Lean was teaching us a lot of what to take what not to take what safe and what not. We all learn a lot thanks for that I am gonna stop thing before I do  things.

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