Friday, August 1, 2014

Your task is to research a Commonwealth Country. Your writing needs to include the following information:

located in Oceania
Maori/European/Pacific/Asian/Indian etc
Rugby and netball
Flag: blue, white, red - Union Jack in one corner, 4 stars of the Southern Cross
Rugby sevens, cycling, netball, boxing etc

* Location: Which continent is the country a part of?
Americas north american
* Population: How many people live in that country?
2.712 million people
* Capital city?
* Culture and language (is there just one type or are there many?)
Jamaica Englishes
* Popular sport?
Running, Cricket, Netball, Rugby
* Flag
The colours on the flag is green yellow black. The x lines are green then there is 2 triangles that are yellow and 2 triangles that are black.
* Teams competing in the Commonwealth Games
Usain bolts, Atkinson, St Lucia,

You need to think about proofreading and editing your writing so that it makes sense.
Use paragraphs to link your ideas.
Check your spelling.
Have you used interesting and complex vocab/words?
Create a QR code to link your writing to further information about that particular country.

Start here:
Jamaica location is an island country, located in the caribbean sea. Which has 6 cities in Jamaica, called Savanna La Mar, Four Paths, Montego Bay, Hayes, Rio Bueno and Kingston. There is 2.712 million people living in Jamaica the capital city of Jamaica is Kingston.

Jamaica is a home for some of the fastest men on the planet. For example, Usain Bolt is known as the fastest person that’s a fact. Jamaica is a country competing in the Commonwealth Games.

Jamaica’s flag has 3 colours green, yellow and black. There is a big yellow X shape on the flag.There are 2 black triangles on the sides and 2 green triangles on the top and bottom. The colours mean something. The colour black represents the strength and creativity of the people. Yellow is for the golden sunshine and green is for the lush vegetation of the island.

Jamaica has entered 3 sports in the commonwealth games. Sprinting, Netball and weight lifting. In jamaica they play a lot of Cricket, Rugby, netball and of cause do a lot of spriting.

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